UNICEF are committed to delivering essential supplies and services for Syrian families and keeping Syrian children from becoming a ‘lost generation’. Critical efforts are being made to minimize the impact of the crisis on children – including in the life-saving areas of health, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, as well as education and child protection. UNICEF is also working in neighbouring countries to support Syrian refugee families and the host communities in which they have settled. These efforts are critical not only for defending the rights of children, but also for safeguarding their future.


War Child USA works to protect children and their families in conflict zones so that they can thrive wherever they call home. Our mission is to help children in war-affected communities reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice. War Child uses a locally-driven, long-term approach tailored to meet the specific needs of each community that champions local people as the drivers of change and peace. Together with our partner, War Child Canada, our programs support over 500,000 people every year.




Calais Action is a direct-giving organisation providing donated aid and funds to displaced people in camps and hotspots across Europe. We provide aid, funding and sponsorship to local refugee support groups and projects across the UK, Europe, and Syria. All donations to Calais Action go straight to the people in need. We also advocate and campaign for more safe and legal routes for refugees to claim asylum in the EU.


Lesvos Solidarity, known as “PIKPA camp”, is an open refugee camp in Mytilini, Lesvos (Greece), providing humanitarian support to the most vulnerable refugees including families with children, pregnant women, refugees with disabilities, refugees who suffer from serious medical conditions and victims of shipwrecks who lost loved ones in the sea.


Refugee Community Kitchen is dedicated to supporting displaced people with highly nutritious and culturally appropriate food. Not only to sustain them on their journey but to also keep them healthy and to help make them feel welcomed and a valued member of humanity.


The Hope project is founded on the principles of dignity, compassion and safety for all. We aim to provide aid and support for people in need, our primary focus is on people fleeing conflict or facing injustice, poverty or persecution.


Upwardly Global (UpGlo) is dedicated to helping the 2 million skilled immigrants and refugees in the United States who, despite their talents, experience, and credentials, are unemployed or significantly underemployed. UpGlo’s mission is to eliminate the employment barriers these men and women face and to help integrate them into the professional US workforce.


The World Refugee School (WRS) is a global initiative established by a group of leading technology, education, and international development companies. WRS provides scalable, high-quality education for refugee and forcibly displaced children and youth worldwide. WRS is organized with a global board and a United States-registered non-profit.


Elpída Home is a Greek NGO established in direct response to the European migrant crisis. Elpída Home financed the conversion of an abandoned textile factory into a welcoming residential centre for refugees within Greece. We provide shelter and safety, sourcing of basic needed items, and offer camp services including healthcare, education, psycho-social support (PSS), and legal assistance.